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Emsculpt Daytona

"As a result of Emsculpt Neo with Dr Haynes I lost 30 pounds
Went down 4 pant sizes. My posture and back pain have improved. I feel better and stronger in my body which has improved my self confidence and my golf game. I highly recommend her office they are warm, knowledgeable, professional and are invested in your success. It was exactly what I needed to kickstart my fitness regimen. My results encouraged me to eat better and now I come back quarterly to her medical gym for maintenance treatments.”

- Curtis B

Emsculpt Daytona

“A lot of people want immediate gratification, and I certainly fall into that category, and let me tell you, this delivered. I know it sounds like it’s almost impossible, but after a couple of weeks I was starting to notice a difference. I eventually got down to 165 pounds, so I hit my target weight, and I can honestly say that I saw abdominal muscles. I couldn’t believe it. I’m not 26 years old anymore; I’m an older guy, so I was impressed when I looked in the mirror and saw abs."

- John Hamlin

MRI studies show that, on average, patients achieve: 

30% reduction in fat

25% increase in muscle mass

2 inches off the waistline

19% reduction in diastasis recti

(when your abdominal muscles split apart after gaining weight in your abdomen)

14.8% reduction in visceral fat

(the dangerous fat that surrounds your abdominal organs)

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